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The story of Urbanwolf Adventures™ starts in Canada and began its journey in Malaysia in 2015 in the form of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). The brand of Urbanwolf Adventures™ is solely owned and distributed by YP World Trading Sdn Bhd. The range of products includes Grain-Free cat kibbles, Grain-Free dog kibbles, and canned wet cat food which are all manufactured and packed in Canada before importing into Malaysia. Until today, we have been in the Malaysian market for 7 years. 

However, the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic forced us to change our business strategy. The pandemic which starts at the end of the year 2019 has brought on global shipping fees to a skyrocketing level. Additionally, the imposed duty on imported finished goods had been raised to a higher level, soaring up the overall cost of importing the Urbanwolf Adventures™ products to a significant 30% – 50%. The additional cost is burdening us as well as our consumers in Malaysia, and the cost changes also stumped us from providing Urbanwolf Adventures™ products at the same price as we did in the past. 

To continue serving the Malaysian pet community with affordable Grain-Free pet foods, we made a reformative decision, which is to buy out and import the formulation into Malaysia with US$1.4M and manufacture it locally. To ensure the quality of our pet products, we rigorously follow the premix and formulation we bought from Canada. Every raw material in the production of Urbanwolf Adventures™ products is imported as it is manufactured in Canada back then, we imported those raw materials from the same suppliers. By manufacturing it locally, our cost pressure has been lowered and we are able to maintain our products at a reasonable price range that will not burden our consumers.

The reason that we decided to manufacture in Malaysia is not only to serve the Malaysian pet community with affordable pet foods but also to fulfil our brand mission. We aim to create a better environment for the pet food industry in Malaysia, where Malaysian pet lovers can have more options when choosing high-quality pet foods for their fur kids. Initially, We are one step closer to our mission where we already imported related foreign technologies in the pet food industry into Malaysia, with the ultimate goal to build a future that Malaysian pet lovers do not need to rely on pricey imported products for high-quality pet foods, as there are great, high-quality options which are manufactured locally at a reasonable price.

Urbanwolf Adventures™ pet foods are quality guaranteed. Following the Canadian formulation, most of our raw materials and ingredients are imported from different countries worldwide, such as chicken oil from Germany, and Salmon oil from Canada. The manufacturing process of our products follows stringent SOPs from top to bottom to ensure our products are fresh and quality guaranteed. While we keep on maintaining and improving our current products to serve consumers High-Quality Grain-Free pet foods for their beloved pets, we are also putting effort into the development of new products, with the intention to serve the market with a wider range of high-quality Grain-free pet foods

Benefits of Urbanwolf Adventures grain free cat food

Urbanwolf adventures grain FreE cat food come with 5 types:

Benefits of Urbanwolf adventures grain FreE Dog food

Urbanwolf adventures grain FreE Dog food come with 2 types :

Urbanwolf Adventures Canned Foods available in few choices of texture in eg. In Pate , Flaked meats, and in soup based.